• Eaton TrueTrac
Eaton Model: Application: Axle Shafts: Gear Ratios:
915A550 Ford Sterling
10.25" & 10.5"
35 Spline All

This Eaton TrueTrac locker fits Ford Sterling 10.25" and 10.5" axles with 35 spline full floating axle shafts.

Detroit TrueTrac lockers are Torsen style limited slip differentials that use helical gears instead of clutch packs to offer automatic torque biased traction to both drive wheels at all times. The ingenious design limits the speed of each wheel to 1.5 times faster or slower than the opposite wheel to provide full-time traction while still allowing for wheel speed differentiation in turns. The heavy duty all-gear design not only makes for quite and smooth operation, it requires no maintenance and will never weaken or wear out like a typical limited slip differential. These unique features make the Detroit TrueTrac ideal for race cars, rally cars, trail rigs, full size trucks, and daily drivers.

The Detroit Truetrac is a Torsen style differential that provides constant power to both drive wheels at all times while still allowing for wheel speed differentiation. The design works so well that the US military chose the Torsen differential as standard equipment on the Hummer H1.

Eaton specifically designed and built the Detroit TrueTrac locker for use in 4x4 vehicles and to withstand the abuses of off-roading. Precision forged gears, high strength materials, and high-tech manufacturing procedures make the TrueTrac one of the most durable and reliable limited slip lockers on the market today. They are easy to install and maintenance free.

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Eaton TrueTrac

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