Lubrication Engineers Full Torque W 2411

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Road-Tested Supplement Contains Cetane Booster For Increased Power & Year-Round Performance

Field-tested for several months on the ice roads of Alaska, LE’s Full Torque™ Diesel Fuel Improver has proven to be a valuable weapon for long haul diesel engine operators fighting to keep their trucks on the road despite harsh environments. Full Torque is a cetane-boosted, detergent-containing formulation that increases power, improves fuel economy, reduces emissions, and provides smoother performance year-round in diesel engines. It is available in winter (W) and summer (S) versions.

Full Torque’s cetane booster increases a fuel’s cetane number up to three numbers, resulting in faster ignition time, more power, easier starts and less smoke at startup. This hard-working diesel supplement is also loaded with special detergents that keep injector systems clean and working at maximum performance, as well as ingredients that protect against wear, water and corrosion. Full Torque has been formulated to work with today’s biofuels, ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuels, and renewable diesel fuels.

Cold Weather Performance (2411)

• Provides easier cold startups

• Prevents fuel gelling by controlling wax formation

• Lowers pour point and cold filter plugging point

• Decreases cold flow temp • Inhibits ice formation